Sherri Rannells(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures! Do you still make greeting cards? I wrote a comment about your blog about Michigan but didn't get past the required password.
SoYoung Lee(non-registered)
Beautiful, inspirational photos of God's amazing work! Loved seeing nature through your eyes.

Your site was features in the Horticultural Art Society's newsletter, and I'm delighted that I got to check your work out.
Nedra Smith(non-registered)
Nice meeting you and your husband at the Buffalo Roundup and again thanks for the lens loan - so kind of you. Enjoyed your photos - beautiful work. Hope you got some great shots in South Dakota.
Tom Wilberding(non-registered)
Wonderful photos, Leslie. You have an eye for atmosphere, mist, and clouds. I can see your reverence for nature. Inspiring work!
John Gardiner(non-registered)
We met in March/April in Patagonia at Paton's. This is the first chance I've had to view your website. A lot of adjectives come to mind to describe what I see, but none that do justice to your work. WOW! GORGEOUS images! I'll return to this site to see your additions.
Jane Lord(non-registered)
LOVE your work!! It is striking! Blessings!
Vaughn Marie(non-registered)
Talented, gifted, friend.
Truly an eye directed by God.
His beauty is amazing!
I love your line of note cards and want to thank you
for the set you gave me.

I like your website!
Karin Cornell(non-registered)
I had no idea you are such an exceptional photographer, Leslie! Beautiful work.
Ken Gosse(non-registered)
I was showing your photos and blogs to my Mom and it occurred to me that it would be nice to have at least one pic of the photographer, at work, maybe in a frumpy - I mean dorky - hat.
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