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Jerri Smith(non-registered)
Love the pictures. The type my sister used to paint. So very awesome!
Sherri Rannells(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures! Do you still make greeting cards? I wrote a comment about your blog about Michigan but didn't get past the required password.
SoYoung Lee(non-registered)
Beautiful, inspirational photos of God's amazing work! Loved seeing nature through your eyes.

Your site was features in the Horticultural Art Society's newsletter, and I'm delighted that I got to check your work out.
Nedra Smith(non-registered)
Nice meeting you and your husband at the Buffalo Roundup and again thanks for the lens loan - so kind of you. Enjoyed your photos - beautiful work. Hope you got some great shots in South Dakota.
Tom Wilberding(non-registered)
Wonderful photos, Leslie. You have an eye for atmosphere, mist, and clouds. I can see your reverence for nature. Inspiring work!
John Gardiner(non-registered)
We met in March/April in Patagonia at Paton's. This is the first chance I've had to view your website. A lot of adjectives come to mind to describe what I see, but none that do justice to your work. WOW! GORGEOUS images! I'll return to this site to see your additions.
Jane Lord(non-registered)
LOVE your work!! It is striking! Blessings!
Vaughn Marie(non-registered)
Talented, gifted, friend.
Truly an eye directed by God.
His beauty is amazing!
I love your line of note cards and want to thank you
for the set you gave me.

I like your website!
Karin Cornell(non-registered)
I had no idea you are such an exceptional photographer, Leslie! Beautiful work.
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